Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Biking Vancouver Island, part III

We've come back for Thanksgiving to try the Cowichan part of the Trans-Canada trail one more time. This is where we went wrong last time...we should've turned left onto Pine St instead of going straight ahead along the small dotted line to the bridge...

Anyways, we're off along the right way now. It's a warm fall day and there is nobody else on the trail.

It is a very pleasant bike ride along a very well maintained trail, quite a few small trestles and bridges to cross.

Some of the track has fallen logs across it, especially further and closer to Duncan, where there is a lot less bike traffic. We encounter nobody else - no cyclists, ATV's, or walkers...

The Holt Creek Trestle

Some of the old sleepers are still there!

Local wildlife! I think this is a salamander of some kind. We've seen lots of garter snakes, but this little guy was quite unusual.

The trail ends at the opposite end of the Kinsol Trestle, which isn't rideable. We've approached it from the other end many times.